Remembering Tim Heathrington

Journalism lost two shining stars in Libya when Tim Heathrington and Chris Hondros lost their lives to cover the fighting in Misurata.

Both of these men were extraordinary storytellers that had the guts to cover what nobody else would. Our understanding of the conflicts in Liberia, Afghanistan and Iraq were shaped in no small part by their reportage.

A friend of mine showed me Tim’s “Diary” of about a decade of reporting on war. I can safely say that I have never seen anything like it in my life. It works like a surreal dream, shifting from hotel room, to battleground almost seamlessly.  It’s stitched together from B-roll basically, the throwaway footage that shows what it is like to be Tim.

This article by Bill Keller also has to do with the peculiar life of conflict journalists.

I thought a little bit about this, and I know that this is not for me, but this is a kind of storytelling that I admire.  I agree with Keller that no photograph is worth a life, but I hope that the deaths of Tim and Chris help move people to bring an end to the war in Libya, somehow.

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