Exactly What Herman Cain Aims To Do

I saw this nifty chart based on number crunching at the non-partisan Tax Policy Center mercifully did for us.  (via Jared Bernstein).

And surprise! Government revenues will be down! Shocker! More Republican “starve the beast” chicanery. None of this is accidental.

Now just take a moment to scrape your cerebellum off the ceiling, but here comes the real dropper of jaws.

It’s going to drop taxes on the ultra rich and raise the burden on everyone else.

Scroll down…


















































































































































































































































































































If you made it this far you should realize that this is Robin Hood in reverse being sold as common sense.  If you are voting Republican next year, I hope you have your own helicopter to escape the economic disaster that inequality of this level would lead to.

And by the way, BuzzFeed points out that the Pizza Baron might or might not have gotten the idea from Sim City, a game for bored teenagers. Somehow, I am not surprised.

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