Seems like people REALLY hate BofA

Image: I HATE Bank of America on Facebook

The crowd has spoken.

Bank of America is the most hated bank in the entire country. Amplicate, a social media analytics service that aggregates opinions aired on social media, found that a full 88% of people (on the internet at least) hates (a strong word, but it’s their word) Bank of America.

I’m not terribly surprised by this.  Well, banks don’t generally garner many groupies. But between the surprise fee fiasco that turned out to be the biggest blunder since Countrywide and the bumbling arrogance of the CEO, BofA has definitely gotten itself into Goldman territory. They even have an I HATE Bank of America Facebook page.

I think that this Amplicate service is really interesting.  Perhaps companies can spend a wee less on PR and marketing and maybe, I don’t know, sell things for less, sell better things, address actual problems? It is nice to know that people’s opinions on the internet could actually matter.

Interestingly, Americans don’t hate BofA quite as much as the Dutch hate on ING.  How could ING be any worse?

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