Why an Acclaimed Astrophysicist Chooses the iPhone

Neil DeGrasse-Tyson is the type of guy that goes on the Daily Show and points out that the globe in the intro is spinning the wrong way. He goes to his son’s Little League game and uses a laser to clock a kid’s fastball and extrapolates it to figure out what sort of pitch he would make on a big-leage sized field. The guy is a goddamn meme! The universe couldn’t ask for a cooler spokesman. Apparently, when the Sexiest Astrophysicist Alive isn’t remaking Carl Sagan’s classic Cosmosdemoting Pluto from planet to ice-ball, directing New York’s Hayden Planetarium, and advocating for greater funding for NASA, he apparently puts a lot of thought into his gagets.Neil was recently a guest on the online tech news show, On the Verge. I attended the live taping, which was a lot of fun. After Neil blew everyone’s minds and got us psyched for a Mars mission, he was eager to gab about his love and devotion to Apple (AAPL) products.

  • Neil has an iPhone, and he would never switch to Android (GOOG) because the time is exactly fifteen seconds off — Google never accounted for the leap seconds that have been added since 1982!
  • He’s been an Apple fan for decades. He thinks that Windows (MSFT) users view their computers as tools for work, whereas his 17″ Macbook pro is almost a part of him.
  • He got an iPhone shortly after it came out. He saw how the phone distracted a frumpy guy from his Jumbo-tron worthy girlfriend and concluded that it must be an incredible device.
  • When he finally gets a hold of a time machine to meet his main man Isaac Newton, he wants to bring him an iPhone.

You can see the full episode, including the full Neil DeGrasse-Tyson interview on the Verge. In the clip below, (about ten minutes in) is where the conversation turns to tech toys.

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