Introducing BookCities!

I am proud to introduce a new web app for discovering books based on their settings. It’s called BookCities. ( I worked on it with my good friends Charlie and Nathan for the Publishing Hackathon in May, where we became finalists. Charlie and I are still working on it.

It’ s still beta, and we are slowly adding cool features. But if you have any comments or find any bugs please contact me!

So what does it do?

Let’s say that you are about to visit Paris for the first time. You booked your flight and hotel, found a map, and planned which museums to visit. But what should you read on the plane and on the metro?

What better time to read A Moveable Feast? This is your chance to experience the book and the city on higher level. You can read about Ernest Hemingway’s exploits while you stroll the same neighborhoods as he did in the 1920s.

BookCities suggests novels that are set in your travel destination – or helps you find books for the city you live in. If you sign in with Facebook, you can receive book recommendations based on your tastes and those of your friends.

Coming soon: book recommendations from local authors and residents, local literary lore and anecdotes, and maps to guide you through the streets, cafes, libraries that great authors have called home.

Here is a snazzy video of the action at the first hackathon. For those who have never seen a hackathon, this is a terrible introduction. The video takes a bunch of people tapping at computers and makes it look intense. That is the power of video editing.

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