What should and shouldn’t be leaked

I propose a simple litmus test to whether secret information should be leaked:

Introducing BookCities!

I am proud to introduce a new web app for discovering books based on their settings. It’s called BookCities. ( I worked on it with my good friends Charlie and Nathan for the Publishing Hackathon in May, where we became finalists. Charlie and I are still working on it. It’ s still beta, and we […]

Ruby > Junior High Math

While learning programming, I am rediscovering math and all its fun that teachers have managed to destroy.

Why an Acclaimed Astrophysicist Chooses the iPhone

Neil DeGrasse-Tyson is probably one of the coolest humans alive.

Burgernomics–the best way to understand PPP.

According to McDonalds, China is NOT a currency manipulator. Take that, Mitt.

A Clear Announcement From Europe: “We Are Screwed.”

It can only mean one thing when someone bans short selling.

Big Welfare States Are Not To Blame For European Crisis

I would have a better chance of being employed if I was Danish. And I would much rather be unemployed in a country that will still allow me to live with dignity until I do find a job.

Seems like people REALLY hate BofA

The crowd has spoken. Bank of America is the most hated bank in the entire country. Amplicate, a social media analytics service that aggregates opinions aired on social media, found that a full 88% of people (on the internet at least) hates (a strong word, but it’s their word) Bank of America. I’m not terribly surprised […]

Is the US Government Too Big To Fail?

The media has been cranking up the outrage machine since Bloomberg reported that the Fed let Bank of America get away with stuffing a load of derivatives contracts in it’s consumer banking subsidiary last week. BofA probably didn’t want to, but the reasons that it had to do it are specious at best. The counterparties to the […]

Exactly What Herman Cain Aims To Do

I saw this nifty chart based on number crunching at the non-partisan Tax Policy Center mercifully did for us.  (via Jared Bernstein). And surprise! Government revenues will be down! Shocker! More Republican “starve the beast” chicanery. None of this is accidental. Now just take a moment to scrape your cerebellum off the ceiling, but here comes […]

Saks Fifth Ave Prospers Despite a Sluggish Economy

Income inequality,  long-term unemployment and sluggish economic growth continue to plague the US economy.  These are the issues that are bringing people into the streets in cities across the nation in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.  The perception that the country is divided by class is rising.  A recent Pew survey found that 45% of […]

Feds Have Financials in Their Sights, BofA Mulls 30,000 Layoffs

If the miserable jobs report wasn’t enough bad news for the markets, even workers in the financial industry have reason to fear for their own jobs. Things are especially looking bad in Charlotte. Bank of America, the country’s largest bank by deposits, has been languishing for months. In the past year, the firm has seen its […]

Remembering Tim Heathrington

Journalism lost two shining stars in Libya when Tim Heathrington and Chris Hondros lost their lives to cover the fighting in Misurata. Both of these men were extraordinary storytellers that had the guts to cover what nobody else would. Our understanding of the conflicts in Liberia, Afghanistan and Iraq were shaped in no small part […]

Is Science Compatible with Religion?

Science and religion clash all too often. Yes, sadly, the culture wars aren’t over. Just the other day, Tennessee’s state legislature moved to protect teachers that wish to cast doubt on supposedly controversial scientific theories such as evolution and climate change. Science and faith seem to be mutually exclusive, opposite ways of thinking. However, many, […]

A windy winter afternoon in Coney Island

A few photos from a brutally windy Saturday in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

From Camp David to Cast Lead: Essays on Israel, Palestine, and the Future of the Peace Process

My good friend Daanish Faruqi just finally published his collection of essays on the Israel/Palestine conflict.  You can find his book on Amazon. Here is a little bit about the book: Book Description This volume is an appraisal of the past ten years of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Particularly following Israeli Operation Cast Lead in 2009, […]