Saks Fifth Ave Prospers Despite a Sluggish Economy

Income inequality,  long-term unemployment and sluggish economic growth continue to plague the US economy.  These are the issues that are bringing people into the streets in cities across the nation in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.  The perception that the country is divided by class is rising.  A recent Pew survey found that 45% of […]

The Remittance Economy

First published in City Limits Magazine, New York City. Luis Toapanta wants to move back to Ecuador to be with his two children, his wife and his parents. Unfortunately, if he were to leave New York, Luis will no longer afford to send his children to school. He says that no matter how much he […]

Business Groups Protest Visa Hikes

(9/21/2010) Business groups are protesting a controversial funding provision in a recent border security measure.  The law can double the fees associated with H1B and L1 visas that are used extensively by Indian tech workers that find jobs in the United States. Listen to the audio report here. [soundcloud url=”″]