The Empty Night – New York’s Growing Problem of Light Pollution

It goes without saying that New York City is not the ideal place for stargazing. To anyone that’s been staring up at the heavens for the past few decades, it is obvious that ugly orange skyglow has been getting worse as the city develops. We can only imagine what ancient people felt when they looked […]

A Small Percentage – The True Cost of Sending Money Home

The prospect of making money and sending it back home drives millions to leave their homes. The business of sending money is growing rapidly with little oversight. Find out what the impact of the prices of remittances are on some countries and what is being done to help.

Let Go Of Fear – Parkour in Washington Heights

Rather than sitting at home playing video games, some young people in Washington Heights are learning to do the same acrobatics that video game characters do. Parkour is more than just a sport, it’s a way of relating to your environment. Every Monday through Thursday, a group of young people gathers at a spot in […]

The Remittance Economy

First published in City Limits Magazine, New York City. Luis Toapanta wants to move back to Ecuador to be with his two children, his wife and his parents. Unfortunately, if he were to leave New York, Luis will no longer afford to send his children to school. He says that no matter how much he […]

Is Science Compatible with Religion?

Science and religion clash all too often. Yes, sadly, the culture wars aren’t over. Just the other day, Tennessee’s state legislature moved to protect teachers that wish to cast doubt on supposedly controversial scientific theories such as evolution and climate change. Science and faith seem to be mutually exclusive, opposite ways of thinking. However, many, […]

Falling Whistles

Falling Whistles is not your average activist group.  They are working hard to help child soldiers in the Congo, but they really get the goods, and do it in style.  I interviewed Ad Sachin, a member of the group at their exclusive fundraiser event at a Lower East Side Club. (Shot on a Sony PD170 […]