Introducing BookCities!

I am proud to introduce a new web app for discovering books based on their settings. It’s called BookCities. (http://www.bookciti.es). I worked on it with my good friends Charlie and Nathan for the Publishing Hackathon in May, where we became finalists. Charlie and I are still working on it. It’ s still beta, and we […]

The Empty Night – New York’s Growing Problem of Light Pollution

It goes without saying that New York City is not the ideal place for stargazing. To anyone that’s been staring up at the heavens for the past few decades, it is obvious that ugly orange skyglow has been getting worse as the city develops. We can only imagine what ancient people felt when they looked […]

A Small Percentage – The True Cost of Sending Money Home

The prospect of making money and sending it back home drives millions to leave their homes. The business of sending money is growing rapidly with little oversight. Find out what the impact of the prices of remittances are on some countries and what is being done to help.

Let Go Of Fear – Parkour in Washington Heights

Rather than sitting at home playing video games, some young people in Washington Heights are learning to do the same acrobatics that video game characters do. Parkour is more than just a sport, it’s a way of relating to your environment. Every Monday through Thursday, a group of young people gathers at a spot in […]

The Remittance Economy

First published in City Limits Magazine, New York City. Luis Toapanta wants to move back to Ecuador to be with his two children, his wife and his parents. Unfortunately, if he were to leave New York, Luis will no longer afford to send his children to school. He says that no matter how much he […]

$14 Trillion in Debt, But Who Owns All That Money?

Featured on The Atlantic, Yahoo Finance, and Business Insider. The meme of China the moneylender is proving to be a salient political tool in Washington. Scaremongering about China owning this country is popping up on the left and the right. The Chinese buy our bonds to keep their currency down and exports from China cheap.  Some see […]

Is Science Compatible with Religion?

Science and religion clash all too often. Yes, sadly, the culture wars aren’t over. Just the other day, Tennessee’s state legislature moved to protect teachers that wish to cast doubt on supposedly controversial scientific theories such as evolution and climate change. Science and faith seem to be mutually exclusive, opposite ways of thinking. However, many, […]

Federal Reserve Chairman Says States Need Bigger Rainy Day Funds

Originally published on WNYC News Blog. States and local governments should build up larger “rainy day” funds, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke said Wednesday evening. “Building an adequate reserve fund during good times may not be politically popular,” he said in a speech before the Citizens Budget Commission, “but doing so can pay off […]

A windy winter afternoon in Coney Island

A few photos from a brutally windy Saturday in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

An NYC Wal-Mart would produce winners and losers

While the possibility of a Wal-Mart opening up its first New York City store in East New York has local retailers scared, some residents welcome the change. The retail giant, by far the largest corporation and largest employer in America, has been conspicuously absent from the five boroughs despite numerous attempts to break into the […]

Film Photography in the Digital Age

Film photography might seem like an anachronism these days. It would seem like most fans of traditional analogue photography would have given up after Kodachrome, a legendary film that has been around since 1936, was canceled.  Kodachrome was one of the most significant mass market color films that recorded some of the last century’s most […]

City Council Cracks Down on Asthma Triggers

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn introduced legislation on Nov. 30 to force landlords to clean up buildings that contain mold, vermin, and other asthma triggers. The city’s Safe Housing Law already targets the 200 buildings that have the worst record of violations for cellar-to-roof inspection and repairs at the landlord’s expense.  Quinn’s proposed expansion of the […]

Japan Overseas Migration Museum

Yokohama is aptly seen as the traditional gateway to Japan, the funnel through which Japan welcomed foreign ideas, technology, and people. Sometimes we forget that the port is also a point of embarkation. This makes Yokohama an appropriate home for the Japan Overseas Migration Museum, which celebrates the history of Japanese that left their home […]

細江英公 インタビュー Hosoe Eikoh Interview

Translated From Japanese by Vincent TrivettThis interview with Mr Eikoh appears in the January, 2010 issue of Koe MagazineHosoe Eikoh (1933), one of Japan’s most recognized photographers, works tirelessly to support photography appreciation in the general public, especially among youth. He has been the director of the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts since its opening […]

横山剣インタビュー Yokoyama Ken Interview

From the Yokohama Seasider Magazine, December 2009.  Text and photos by Vincent Trivett f It’s hard to live in Yokohama for very long without hearing about Yokoyama Ken and the Crazy Ken Band. When I got to see him live and speak with him myself (no small thanks to our friend Chibow for that) I […]


From Koe Magazine, September 2009. Photo Credit: Ry Beville  Just a five-minute walk from the glitz and glamour of Yokohama’s Motomachi district lies a whole other reality. To Japanese and foreigners alike, the Kotobukicho area is hardly recognizable as a part of Japan. The contrast to the city surrounding it is stark and unbelievable. Kotobukicho’s […]

We are Accidents

Published in Koe Magazine, July 2009.

天国と地獄 黒澤明 Kurosawa Akira’s High and Low (1963)

Published in Yokohama Seasider Magazine, May 2009. Kurosawa Akira’s High and Low (1963) Kurosawa is perhaps best known for his period pieces set in ancient Japan, such as Rashomon and Seven Samurai. “High and Low” (lit: Heaven and Hell) is a film noir set in mid-century Yokohama. It begins with Gondo, a shrewd self-made businessman […]