If Intel’s Earnings Disappoint, Blame Microsoft — What You Need to Know About Today’s Intel Earnings Report

Intel is playing catch-up with mobile, and the promise of a new touch-centered operating system is not helping PC sales.

Obama, Romney: Who’s Buying Whom?

Campaign finance sometimes comes from surprising sources. Want to know who is bankrolling your candidates?

Millennials Face A Tough Economy, But Still More Optimistic Than Their Parents

Produced with input from Conor Sen for Minyanville A joke that made the rounds on Twitter after Steve Jobs’ death really underscores the generational differences between baby boomers and young people today: “Thirty years ago, we had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash, and Bob Hope. Now we have no jobs, no cash, and no hope.” Is […]

Amid Euro Crisis, This Company Is Literally Printing Money

If Greece finally exits the eurozone, this British currency printer might have a new client.

This Tech Startup Can Change The Commodities Market

This tech company’s algorithm gets it right 80% of the time, a year ahead of time — and delivered to your phone.

5 Takeaways From The Apple Earnings Call

Apple had an amazing quarter. Here are a few stories beneath the headline numbers that you should watch.

Will the JOBS Act Open Floodgates of Innovation or Fraud?

Entrepreneurs are cheering Congress to make it easier to go public, but investors are concerned about the loss of accountability and protections.

Starbucks Joins the Onslaught of Competition Against Partner Green Mountain

Starbucks isn’t going to settle for just two-thirds of the profit on the K-cups Green Mountain sells. The coffee giant is going to market its own competing machine to expand its share of the at-home coffee market.

Pandora Gets Hammered After Reporting Massive 4Q Loss

Pandora is losing money, but it could be reaping the benefits of the growth of mobile.

Proxy Battle Turns Up The Heat On Yahoo Board

The board of former Internet giant Yahoo (YHOO) is under attack from angry activist investors amid a breakdown of talks on selling off the firm’s profitable Asian assets.

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Netflix Killers? Not So Fast

The long-awaited “Netflix killer(s)” seemed to have finally arrived.

Enter the Frappuccino Wallahs: Starbucks Comes to India

For Minyanville. Struggling to find areas for growth, Starbucks (SBUX) is looking to create a coffee market where one hardly exists: India. The Seattle-based café chain is entering into a 50-50 joint venture with India’s Tata conglomerate to open its first stores on the subcontinent. According to the Hindu Business Line, the stores will be branded as “Starbucks Coffee […]

An Uphill Marketing Battle For America’s ‘Second-Worst Company’

When Bank of America’s current Chief Executive Officer Brian Moynihan accepted his post in December 2009, he was lauded by his former bosses at Fleet Boston, Terrance Murray and Chad Gifford. He then joked, according to the Boston Globe, “Terry, Chad, who are we kidding? We know that we all report to Anne.” Moynihan’s joke […]

A Small Percentage – The True Cost of Sending Money Home

The prospect of making money and sending it back home drives millions to leave their homes. The business of sending money is growing rapidly with little oversight. Find out what the impact of the prices of remittances are on some countries and what is being done to help.

Hedge Fund Manager Bets On Coming Downgrades For France And Germany

For Business Insider. London-based Cairn Capital is betting on France and Germany losing their AAA status, according to a Reuters report. The hedge fund, which manages $24.5 billion in assets cited potentially high costs of bailing out periphery countries throughout the European Financial Stability Fund and France’s huge exposure to Italy as reasons for a possible downgrade. Graham Neilson, the fund’s chief investment strategist […]

Richard Branson’s 13 Tips On How To Build A Multi-Billion Conglomerate

For Business Insider. There aren’t many billionaires that own entire islands, while at the same time are cool enough that you’d want to hang out with them. A dyslexic with poor academic credentials, Richard Branson started his first company at the age of 16, with a magazine called Student. He went on to start a record label, an airline, a mobile phone […]

Bill Miller’s Inglorious Demise: Your Complete Guide

For Business Insider. Gone are the days when Legg Mason Value Trust’s Bill Miller was a sage stock-picker. Under Miller’s management, the fund beat the S&P 500 for 15 years — until 2005. Since then, Value Trust’s assets have dwindled from $20.8 billion at its peak in 2006 to $3.4 billion. Since January 2011, returns have fallen by more than ten percent, and the […]

Passage Of Debt Bill Brings Japan’s Naoto Kan One Step Closer To Resignation

For Business Insider. Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan has been an unpopular lame duck almost from day one. His premiership began with an unpopular proposed consumption tax hike and got worse after his directionless handling of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. His popularity ratings are in the teens. Kan is apparently using his lack of popularity […]

When You Buy “Made In China”, Most Of Your Money Actually Goes To America

For Business Insider. We spend a lot of money on stuff with the “Made In China” tag on it. Americans consumed a record $273,063.2 million more from China than we sent in return 2010.  The “Buy American” camp uses this as proof that globalization has hurt American businesses. A new report from the San Francisco Federal Reserve Board (via Paul Kedrosky) shows that this isn’t actually […]

Mossad Suspected in Murder of Iranian Nuclear Scientists

For Business Insider. Intelligence experts suspect that the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad is responsible for the assassination of several Iranian scientists in an effort to disrupt the Islamic Republic’s nuclear weapons program. German magazine Der Spiegel reported that “an Israeli intelligence source” admits that Mossad is responsible for the murder of Darioush Rezaei, a nuclear scientist.  Rezaei, […]

This Nebraska Village May Be Sitting On The World’s Largest Untapped Deposit Of Rare Earth Minerals

For Business Insider. A tiny town in Nebraska might be where the US wakes up from its decade-long hiatus from mining rare earth elements. The Washington Times reports that Vancouver-based Quantum Rare Earths Developments Corp. announced that they have found significant amounts of rare earth elements and niobium in Elk Creek, a rural town of 112 people. The […]

Big Mac Index Says That The Yuan’s Value Is Just About Right

For Business Insider. That the world has a single workaday product with a more or less identical recipe that you can buy in just about every country is a gift to the science of Economics. The Economist’s Big Mac Index is an ingenious way to understand Purchasing Power Parity. For example, you can bring your $4.07 that you would […]

Here Who Gets Smashed If Italy Goes Bust

For Business Insider. A few weeks ago, everyone was afraid that Italy would have to go the way of Greece.  The Italian Government passed austerity measures, but nothing is looking up for the world’s eighth largest economy.Right now, Italy has the dubious honor of having more bets against it than any other country.  Gross credit default […]

25 Refugees Found Dead On Boat After Attempting To Escape Libya

For Business Insider. A boat carrying 25 dead migrants from Africa has landed in Lampedusa, an Italian island off of Africa’s northern coast. The rickety vessel was a mere 50 feet long, but was crammed with 296 people. The ANSA News Agency reports that the boat was discovered when it was 35 miles from Lampedusa. While it […]